Experto Crede's Terms and Conditions

The scope of Experto Crede's services is defined in its invoices.

Payment of invoices is due prior to commencement of Experto Crede's services, or, within 20 days of each invoice date: whichever is the earlier.  

Experto Crede reserves the right to withhold or cancel services described in invoices for non-payment of and invoice or other amounts due.

The organisation a recipient of an invoice represents is fully responsible for the payment of amounts due in all circumstances (including termination of employment or  cancellation of Experto Crede's services).

Cancellation of Experto Credes services requires written notification to be received by Experto Crede at least two weeks prior to the delivery commencement date(s) for a service.  In such cases a cancellation charge of 30% of the price of the services to be delivered will be invoiced by Experto Crede.  The full amount of invoices will be payable if less than two weeks notice is given prior to commencement of the services described in an invoice.  No refund will be made in such circumstances.

Prices are subject to change.  We reserve the right to charge additional amounts to reflect any pricing changes taking effect before service delivery commencement date(s).

Dishonoured payments will result in a charge by Experto Crede of 10% of an invoices value (inc. VAT) to cover administration and bank charges.  Persistent offenders may be reported to their relevant professional body for unprofessional conduct.