Inform, Repeat, Inspire

We believe that every business needs to inform, repeat and inspire success.  Key goals and questions associated with this approach are discussed below.  Consider them, and if you have, or are prepared to, rise to these challenges we look forward to speaking to you.

Inform: vision, agility and focus

The Goal:

'knowing what success means to you, and being flexible
enough to realise it quickly'

Key questions:

Do you know if new events, people, processes or technology are beginning to challenge you, or those you seek to serve?

If tomorrow, those who fund you to do what you do disappeared, could you replace them in six months?

Every day, are you able to overcome barriers to what you want to achieve?

Repeat: insight, innovation and partnering

The Goal:

'Being seen to be the best at what you do, and resourceful enough to adapt if necessary'

Key questions:

Have you recently benchmarked yourself against those who are considered the 'best-in-class' in what you do?

Over the past six months have you effectively changed what you do because of changes in demand?

Every month, do your people & partners aligned their view of success to yours?


Inspire: recognition, reward and foresight

The Goal:

'Developing powerful foresight by rewarding the recognition of success'

Key questions

Do you and those you work with realise what success means to them, those they seek to serve, and those who fund them to do what they do? 

Do your financial and non-financial rewards inspire your success? 

Every six months, do you understand how those you serve will react to your future plans ?