GrowthHub: High Growth Capital Management

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Following an investment in your venture, our aim is to ensure that your profits and/or sales triple over 3 years, and that the value this investment realises a ten-fold increase over the same period.

To progress your interest in our approach please complete the web form below. 

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers to the questions shown.  For example, if you answer 'Do not know' this is fine.  Your response will simply guide discussion as to forms of support your venture has the capacity to effectively absorb and benefit from:

  • sales and marketing research and development

  • improving your position in existing and new value chains

  • the identification, protection and exploitation of IPR

  • leading or partnering with international R&D and innovation centres

  • management and team leadership and skills development

  • deployment of industry best practice

  • networking you with appropriate finance and equity networks


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What do you sell and who buys from you
What is your core competence
What type of person decides to buy what you sell
What is your postal code
Please indicate the applicability of each statement to your venture:
We have an average Gross Margin of over 50%
We have more confirmed orders than we can deal with.
Our customers never look for better deals
Our supply chain and competitors could not sell what we sell
Customers typically place repeat orders in less that six months
We on-sell our high margin items each time we sell
Our supply chain partners are committed to use us only us
If we lost our top 3 customers we would remain solvent
New unique offers will be launched in under 12 months
We have registered intellectual property rights
There are no barriers to trade outside of our control
We have a defined development and exit strategy
We have existing Private Equity investors
We have existing Non-executive Directors
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My Responsibility is:
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